The Best Virgin Hair Vendors

Published on: Jul 03 2013 by staff

Virgin Hair ExtensionsIn today’s tough economic times, it’s really important you make sure that any company you’re spending hard earned dollars with is Trustworthy and Reliable. In the list below are the top Virgin Hair Companies who we know are Trustworthy and Reliable because we’ve done our research in addition they also offer great products at reasonable prices. So spend a few minutes going thru the full list and identify which company is the best fit for you in terms of Price and Shipping Time.


1. Just For The Hair Of ItWe made it on the list because all of the Trustworthy & Reliable requirements are met, For starters We have 2 (two) main methods of contact Phone and Email which can be verified, And prices are way much reasonable compared to many other hair companies “Take a look at our starting prices“.

Phone Number: 1(877)469-8285

Email: click here

Starting Hair Price: $75


2. INDIQUE – This Hair Extension Company is very legit in fact they’re #1 on Google when you search for “Virgin Hair Extensions”, They have verified contact information which you can identify by visiting their website. But please keep in mind that even though that a company is legit their prices may be more steep than other hair companies because they have an already established presence and maybe endorse by a Celebrity which can be the cause of higher than norm prices but keep in mind quality of hair may vary for each individual.


3. Perfect Locks – Perfect Locks is as legit as they come their website has all the bells and whistles which displays their security badges. This company is actually well put together I love their website and they too offer a wide range of Virgin Hair products. They also have a location so I would definitely visit their website and see if they’re located near me.


4. Hair Extension Sale – They offer a wider range of hair products out of all the Hair Companies I’ve seen on the web which makes them a  good selection hands down.


5. Herimports (Her Imports) – I actually found out about this company on Instagram and they made it on the list because they’re one of the few Hair Companies that are professionally put together and also offer a  few locations which is cool because just in case you can’t bare to wait 2 to 3 days you can just walk right in, So visit their website and see if they’re located near you so you walk right in if necessary.




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  1. brownskingirl says:

    I would like to suggest a hair company that I love. has excellent hair at affordable prices. I’ve been buying hair from them for a long time and they never disappoint!

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